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On these pages we have a wide range of skirts which are suitable for babies through to girls aged 6. Our range includes: - everyday skirts - smart, special occasion skirts - dance skirts and - tutus A skirt is a very versatile piece of clothing in that it can be worn all year round and dressed up or down, depending on the circumstances. If the weather is cold, a pair of leggings or tights under a skirt will keep your girl warm. In hotter weather, you can match the skirt with a contrasting tee shirt or top. Our range of skirts includes pretty designs in floral fabrics with ribbon detailing, as well as block coloured skirts and ra-ra skirts. You are sure to find the perfect skirt for your baby girl amongst our range. Popular brands include Bebe by Minihaha, Purebaby, Sooki Baby and Bubbagrubb. If you are looking for a skirt that is suitable for dancewear, we stock a range of dancing skirts made by FLO. We also have a range of fancy tutus from Alex & Charli which will make any girl feel like a princess! Please take a look through these pages to see the complete range of skirts that we have.
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    Oishi-M - Suzy Q Skirt
    Oishi-M - Suzy Q Skirt

    Oishi-M - Suzy Q Skirt

    Featuring Oishi-M's signature clash of kimono and vintage prints and super-convenient built-in knickers, the Suzy Q Skirt is perfect for playtime, shopping and trips to the cafe with mum! The 'tummie-toastie' (a super soft and stretchy jersey waistband) makes for a perfect fit and comfortable wearing for little bodies while the floral print and little pockets make for an irresistible addition to any girls summer wardrobe. 

    Designed and made in Melbourne with your little one in mind.